DOVER 19th-25th August 2000


This page is a summary of a 'private' diving trip to Dover in August 2000, part of Shonas Web site.

Callum Beveridge, Julian Moore, Chris Pitts, Simon Keating, Julian Hale, Steve Goring, Helen Johnstone, Richard Clarke, Anke Otto, Keith Sabine, Jez Joss, Jackie Joss

Taurus II skippered by Steve Howland and ably assisted by Sarah. Tel 0860 934712

Gas was provided by Naut-tech, Blean, Whitstable Rd, Cantebury Tel: 01227 761232. Thanks to Mark for working so hard for us.

Don Falvey - Chandos Guest House, 77 Cheriton Road, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1OG, 01303 851202

The Dives

Saturday 19th August
First Dive: Pommerania
Second Dive: Loanda

Sunday 20th August
Only Dive: Lusitania

Monday 21st August
First Dive: Strathclyde
Second Dive: Mount Stewart

Tuesday 22nd August
First Dive: Strathclyde
Second Dive: Sea Gull

Wednesday 23rd August
First Dive: Strathclyde
Second Dive: Monarch

Thursday 24th August
First Dive: W.A. Scholten
Second Dive: St Cecelia

Friday 25th August
First Dive: Strathclyde
Second Dive: W.A. Scholten

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Mount Stewart Sunk 24th July 1894

VO Rotterdam Bilbao; ST Steamship; CN Steel; LBD 59.8 x 9.17 x 3.68; PT Sunderland; OW Rt Hon Marquis of Londonderry; FG United Kingdom; CGO Ballast; BT 1892 W Gray & co., West Hartlepool; PN Screw, 3cyl trip exp; BL 1; CR 15; PA 1; CP Blyth, J

At 3am some seven miles off the Folkestone coast, the MOUNT STEWART and the TRINIDAD, of London, captain James, Bilbao to Middlesbrough, were in collision, the MOUNT STEWART being hit on the starboard side, some of whose crew managed to clamber on board the other vessel whilst a boat was being lowered from the other ship. Into this, the remainder f the crew clambered, the MOUNT STEWART sinking in deep water shortly after.

LCR 1894 p6(d); BOT Wk Rtn 1894 Appx C Table 1 p143; FH 28.07.1894(R) p6 col 4; Lloyds Wreck Report No 863: 31.07.1894

Strathclyde Sunk 17th Feb 1876

VO London - Bombay; ST Steamship; CN Iron; LBD 88.39 x 10.72 x 7.71; PT Glasgow; OW Burrell & Co.; FG United Kingdom; GT 1951; BT 1871 Blackwood, Port Glasgow; PN Screw, 2cyl compound; HP 180; BL 2; CR 47; PA 23; LO 38; CP Eaton, J D

Left Dover on Thursday 17th Feb and was only 2.5 miles from Dover when she was overtaken by the German steamship FRANCONIA. Despite the fact the two ships met between 4 and 5pm, and the weather quite clear, the German vessel struck the STRATHCLYDE between her funnel and mainmast, cutting into her to a depth of four feet. The colliding vessel went astern only to rebound and strike a second time making another deep hole abreast of the mainmast, into which the sea rushed. The STRATHCLYDE settled rapidly by the stern, the first lifeboat lowered with 15 female passengers on board capsized and only two of these were recovered. The captain, 2nd Engineer and a fireman, the last to leave, jumped overboard as she sank.

LR 1875-6 No 1048(S) p724; DOD 1990 Ed p668; KCT 18.02.1876(R)

Sea Gull Sunk 26th Feb 1917

VO Erith - Boulogne; ST Steamship; CN Steel; LBD 30.48 x 6.09 x 2.1; PT Ipswich; OW R & W Paul Ltd, Ipswich; FG United Kingdom; GT 144; CGO General Cargo; BT 1893 J. Fullerton & Co, Paisley; PN Screw, 2cyl comp; HP 24; BL 1; CR 6; CL 2; LO 2; CP Harvey, H W

When she struck a mine, a violent explosion took place under the stern of the vessel at 8.35 am, shattering the ships boats which were already swung out ready for lowering in an emergency, her crew then having no alternative but to jump overboard.

PRO Kew Adm 137/2961;LR 1915-16 No 808(S); LCWLR 1914-1918 p98; BVLS 1914-18 p35

St Cecelia Sunk 26th Mar 1916

VO Portland (Maine) - London; ST Steamship; CN Steel; LBD 114.51 x 15.91 x 7.83; PT Glasgow; OW H. Hogarth & Sons (Baron Line); FG United Kingdom; GT 4091; CGO General Cargo; BT 1913 Greenock & Grangemouth Dkyd. Co., Greenock; PN Screw, 3cyl trip exp; HP 320; BL 3; CP Kelly, J

Struck a mine laid by the German submarine UC-6 and sank.

BVLS 1914-18 p16; LCWLR 1914-18 p38; BMS 1914-18 p127; LR 1915-16 No 106(S); MOD(N) Hyd Wk No 012300032; DK p35 (No 61)

Loanda Sunk 31st May 1908

VO Hamburg West Coast of Africa; ST Steamship; CN Steel; LBD 99.85 x 9.57 x 6.7; PT Liverpool; OW British & African S.N. Co.; FG United Kingdom; GT 2702; CGO General Cargo; BT 1891 Naval Construction & Arm Co., Barrow-in-Furness; PN Screw, 3cyl trip exp; HP 253; BL 2; CP Draper, J M

Following collision with the Russian s.s. JUNONA, nine miles East of the North Goodwin Light Vessel, managed to reach the South Foreland area with the assistance of tugs before she sank.

MOD(N) Hyd Wk No 012303094; LCR 1908 P6(d); DOD 1990 Ed. P429; LR 1905-6 No 546(L); BOT Wk Rtn 1908 Appx C Table 1 p137; DK p86-7 (No 227)

W. A. Scholten Sunk 19th Nov 1887

VO Rotterdam- New York; ST Steamship; CN Steel; LBD 39.92 x 11.63 x 5.89; OW Nederland American S.M. Co, RTdm.; FG Netherlands; GT 2589; CGO General Cargo; BT 1874 R. Napier & Sons; PN Screw, 2cyl comp. inverted; BL 3; CR 53; CL 16; PA 161; PL 111; LO 127; CP Taat, J H

The Dutch liner, carrying Dutch and German emigrants, was four miles east of the Admiralty pier, Dover, when she collided with the collier ROSA MARY, of West Hartlepool, in wind conditions SE force 4. The collier lay at anchor waiting for the fog to clear. The liner crashed into the bow of the smaller vessel, and although badly damaged, the collier managed to stay afloat until daybreak when she reached Dover harbour. The liner tore a hole eight feet wide in her port bow and was making water rapidly. Twenty minutes after the collision she foundered, going down by the bow with a heavy list to port, which allowed only two boats to be launched. Many of the passengers were provided with lifebelts and jumped into the sea, from where they were rescued by the Sunderland s.s EBRO. The collision took place between 10.20 and 10.30 p.m. just as the fog was beginning to thin.

BOT Wk Rtn 1887 Appx C Table 1 p145; DOD 1990 Ed p474; DK p73-4 (No 168); LR 1887-8 No 1(W)

Pommerania Sunk 25th Nov 1878

VO New York - Hamburg; ST Steamship; CN Iron; LBD 109.82 x 12.19 x 7.92; PT Hamburg; OW Hamburg & American Mail Pkt Co Ltd.; FG Germany; GT 3382; CGO General Cargo; BT 1833 Caird, Greenock; PN Screw, 2cyl comp; HP 600; BL 2; CR 111; CL 17; PA 111; PL 38; LO 55; CP Schwenzen, F

Having left New York on the 14th November carrying passengers and U.S. Mail as well as 7,500 in specie, she called at Plymouth on the 25th, landing the mail, specie and some passengers. At about midnight off Dover, and proceeding at 14 knots, she was struck nearly amidships of the starboard side by the iron barque MOEL EILIAN, of 1,100 tons. The liner began to fill with water and heel over, her captain finding that four lifeboats had been smashed in the collision, the remaining five boats were lowered, but one was overloaded and capsized, drowning many of its occupants. In response to distress signals, the s.s. GLENGARRY went to their rescue picking up a total of 172. Others may have been saved by foreign boats and landed on the continent. The liner remained afloat for twenty minutes, many passengers going below again to collect valuables. A total of 48 drowned including the captain when the vessel went down. The MOEL EILIAN was heavily damaged and finally brought into Dover harbour for repairs.

KCT 19.12.1878(R); BOT Wk Rtn 1878 Appx Pts I-IV p117(183); DOD 1990 Ed p558; LR 1878-9 No 515(P) p638

Monarch Sunk 8th Sep 1915

VO Santandar - Newport; ST Cable Ship; CN Iron; LBD 73.15 x 10.05 x 5.46; PT London; OW HM Postmaster General (Telgh.Dept.); FG United Kingdom; GT 1122; CGO Iron, Ore; BT 1883 David J. Dunlop & Co Ltd, Port Glasgow; PN Screw, 3cyl trip exp; BL 2; CR 73; CL 3; LO 3; CP Draper, R

Struck a mine 2.5 miles South of Folkestone laid by the German Submarine UC-5. Several patrol boats went to her assistance, saving most of the crew.

LCWLR 1914-18 p25; LR 1914-15 No 1388(M); BMS 1914-18 p186; BVLS 1914-18 p10; MOD(N) Hyd Wk No 012300962; PRO Kew Adm 137/3290; Steamships & their Story, Keeble Chatterton, E 1910 p245

Lusitania Sunk 26th Feb 1917

VO London - Cadiz; ST Steamship; CN Steel; LBD 82.29 x 12.03 x 6; PT London; OW J. Hall (jnr) & Co; FG United Kingdom; GT 1834; CGO General Cargo, Government stores; BT 1903 Blyth SB Co Ltd., Blyth PN Screw, 3cyl trip exp; HP 209; BL 2; CR 13; CL 7; LO 7; CP Rees, J R

Struck a mine at 0.45 p.m. laid by the German submarine UC-5 and sank off Folkestone five minutes later. The LUSITANIA saw the hospital ship ANGLIA in difficulties and sinking some three miles distant, and went to her assistance. She lowered two of her boats which found a great many people floating in the water, many of them injured troops lying in cots. Whilst picking up these survivors, she struck a mine and went down just after the ANGLIA sank. One crewman was picked up by the tug UNDAUNTED, the remainder by HMS HAZARD and landed at Dover.

BMS 1914-18 P116; BVLS 1914-18 p12; LCWLR 1914-18 p30; LR 1914-15 No 1060(L); MOD(N) Hyd Wk No 012301188; Pro Kew Adm 137/3290; DK p51(No 110)