Diver Munitions

As divers, we come across an alarming amount of spent and live munitions lying about the seabed, spanning hundreds of years. Most of these items are of no interest to the diver, but anything with a potentially shiny part can and will continue to be picked up by the unsuspecting diver without full knowledge of what it is.

It shouldn't be necessary to state that this is a very dangerous pursuit...and should be discouraged. However, as people continue do it, irrespective of the potential dangers, this page will educate the diver as to what they are likely to come across, what should be avoided, and if retrieved, what should be done to make the item safe.

This page has now been removed at the request of the MOD Police.

Any queries regarding live munitions should be directed to the MOD police via your local police station.

If anyone needs specific information on an item, I may be able to point them in the right direction. Mail me for info.