1..Cleaning and Restoration


A porthole and two silver salvers were raised from the seabed around the wreck of the 'Mendi' of the Isle of Wight in the summer of 1999.

Initial Recording

Photo of one salver after raising and cleaning  Porthole after initial cleaning   Shot for DIVE magazine


Feb 2000 - Items declared to Receiver of Wreck under Driots 245/00 and 245/00.

Feb 2001 - Have been in contact with Receiver of Wreck who have asked that Items are offered to a museum - They have suggested the Shipwreck Museum at Bembridge, Isle of Wight.

Feb 2001 - Having done a lot of research into this ship and the circumstances of its sinking, and as a consequence, I have been in contact with a number of museums in South Africa who have expressed an interest in these items.

March 2001 - Have struck a deal with the Receiver of Wreck, allowing me send the porthole and one of the salvers to South Africa, the other salver to go the Bembridge.

March 2001 - Have chosen 'Bayworld', Port Elizabeth as the most 'deserving' Museum in S.A. They already have an exhibit on the 'Mendi' in their 'Military History' gallery, but at present it is only a two dimensional display. They have said that they would be most interested in adding the porthole and salver to their display.

April 2001 - Have secured funding from DIVE magazine to export porthole and one salver to Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in exchange for a article in the next issue of their magazine.

May 2001 - DIVE magazine ran article as news story, and will cover cost of sending items to Port Elizabeth via DHL (approx 175).

June 2001 - Received final go-ahead from Receiver of Wreck. Waiting for confirmation from Port Elizabeth.


June 2001 - Took one of the Silver Salvers to Martin Woodward of the Bembridge Maritime Museum on the Isle of Wight. Also received final go-ahead from Port Elizabeth.

August 2001 - Sent the porthole and remaining salver to 'Bayworld' Museum, Port Elizabeth South Africa. These will be used as part of an exhibit on the sinking of the Mendi.