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Fuses on the Basil

Baygitano Mast

Baygitano Winch

Spare prop on Wreck

I've amassed quite a lot of underwater footage of wrecks around the UK. All of it has been shot using a home-made underwater umbillical video system with an infra-red helmet mounted camera. Footage is monochrome and recorded onto digital8 tape.

The video system is switched on at the surface and runs throughout the dive, providing a record of the entire dive, and more importantly, a record of the shipwreck. This can be invaluable when trying to make sense of a wreck after only one or two dives. The footage is on sufficient quality to be able to review it frame by frame and produce a plan of the wreck as it is today.

The current list of wrecks covered include:

Baygitano - Lyme Bay (various dives)
Baron Garioch - Isle of Wight (stern and amidships mainly)
HMS Bucaneer - Portland (most of wrck including inside engine room and lower bridges)
Defontain - Dungeness
St Dunstan - Lyme Bay (various dives)
Fluent - Isle of Wight (amidships area mainly)
Iolanthe - Weymouth
Kyarra - Swanage
Lusitania - Dover
Pommerania - Folkestone
SS Strathclyde - Dover
Salsette - Lyme Bay
Waitara - English Channel
Smyrna - Isle of Wight (originally shot for BBC documentary)
Basil - Littlehampton
Sphene - Isle of Wight
Leicester - Dover
Pullborogh - Dover

The original digital footage is of broadcast quality, but can supplied as a high-quality mpeg which will fit onto a single CD-ROM. These can be a great aid to planning a dive on a wreck with which you're not familiar. This MPEG footage can be supplied on receipt of a blank CD-ROM and the cost of return postage.