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This page is an entry in Shonas Wreck Guide. It is a searchable index to all of the wreck articles that have appeared in the UK diving press. The list is not exhaustive, and there are a few 'holes'. To search for a particular vessel, click on each index below in turn and use your browsers 'search' facility to search the page for the ships name.

By far the best magazine for wreck articles was Diver magazine. In the early 80's until the early 90's it ran regular wreck articles. Unfortunatley, after this period, wreck diving seemed to gain a much 'frowned upon' reputation, and most of the UK diving magazines started to focus on foreign sites and 'pretty' diving. The good news is that wrecks appear to have come back into favour, and some of the current magazines are starting to run decent articles again.

Sport Diver magaine ran a series of wreck articles on the Isle of Wight wrecks, written by Martin Woodward. These are a wealth of information for divers wishing to visit that area. These were mainly run in the late 80's, early 90's but occasionaly an isolated article would be slipped in at other times

If you find an article on a vessel, and want more information, send me a email with the vessels name, publication name and month in which it appeared, and I may just be able to send you a copy of the relevant pages.

As I've said, there are many issues of magazines still missing. If you have any old copies of missing months, I'd be only to happy to receive them and update the indexes.

Any further information on missing issues should be sent to the author for inclusion.

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