Dyane Rebuild Diary

This page attempts to document the rebuild of a Citroen Dyane and the problems encountered.

CURRENT STATUS: Car is on the road again!

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June 2009
1st Jun 2009
Started stripping my Dyane after it's been sitting in my garage for a year whilst I finish renovating the house. However, the house is now completed, so to work on the car. Meachanically, it drives OK, the engine is sweet enough and the brakes seem fine. It's got a lot of surface rust on the paint, as if someone has been grinding near the car. I've got the bodyshell off the chassis and got the chassis stripped of all of its useful bits. I've got a galvanised chassis from a 1990 2CV6 Special which had terminally bitten the dust - so I'll use that for this project.
15th Jun 2009
The car is on its side in bits. The bodyshell will need new floors, sills, lower inner and outer bulkheads, windscreen surround and boot floor. In addition, the seat box is rotten at both ends and the inner rear wheel arches will need extensive patching. I've started by dis-assembling the ends of the seat box, drilling out the spot welds on the old sections and making cereal box templates for the missing parts. These will be cut out of 0.6mm sheets steel and plug/seam welded back in - then I'll have a reference point for the crumbly sills. The lower outer bulkhead has entirely gone, with the floor patches coming forwards towards what's left. They don't actually meet, but copious amounts of filler hide any discrepancies.

July 2009
20th Jul 2009
Removed the rear outer sill on the drivers side and made a replacement from scrap. Spend ages building a new jacking point replicating the old one but seam welded.
Grafted in outer sill leaving inner sill in place to aid alignment.
Cut out outer C-post and made replacment in two parts. Welded in whilst leaving inner post in place to aid alignment.
Cut out inner C-post and made replacment in two parts. Welded in to outer post.
31st Jul 2009
Cut out rust from under rear quarterlight and welded short 8" angle replacement. This will be the top anchor for the new rear wheelarch.
Cut out front half of inner rear wheel arch and made replacement from scrap.

August 2009
9th Aug 2009
Installed inner rear wheel arch
29th Aug 2009

Cut out rust from the boot floor surround and let in new metal.

November 2009
21st Nov 2009
Removed the inner sill. Braced between B-posts to maintain alignment.
29th Nov 2009
Made a replacement inner sill out of 1mm steel sheet. Drilled and pressed recess for seatbelt mount plate.
30th Nov 2009
Before fitting the offside inner sill, I had a look at the complexities of rebuilding the front jacking point which forms part of the outer sill forward of the A-post. The original design leaves the underside of of the sill partially open to all sorts of road muck from the front wheel. I've decided to beef up the design in this area and construct an entire front outer sill incorporating a jacking point, and weld it into the inner sill before fitting it.

I'll form a box section on the bottom of the sill and weld the original jacking pocket into that. A U-section brace will be welded above the box section between inner and outer sills just like the original.

December 2009
20th Dec 2009

Made new seat box end and welded in.

20th Dec 2009

Inserted one-piece inner sill and welded

20th Dec 2009

Folded and preped front outer sill and welded in

20th Dec 2009

Folded up and completed back of seat box. Still got seat-belt mount to attach.

January 2010
24th Jan 2010
Rust and underseal removed from LHS C-post and rear sill area!!!
20th Dec 2009
Rolled car and swept garage in preparation for dealing with LHS.

April 2010
11th Apr 2010
Repaired seat box area and started to replace front edge of rear inner wing
20th Apr 2010
Folded up and fitted new inner sill with seat belt mounting plate.

July 2010
17th Jul 2010
front jacking point on nearside
18th Jul 2010
New sills cut from 1mm sheet, marked out and folded before getting jacking point welded in.
Fitting sill in three parts - front jacking point, read sill with rear jacking point, and front sill.
19th Jul 2010
New sills finally complete

August 2010
1st Jul 2010
Fitted seat box section base as a one-piece assembly (original was in two bits). This was welded in after trial fitting and was a direct mirror image of the same section on the other side of the car, which fitted without any trimming.

September 2010
September 2010
Fitted new boot floor. This was seam/plug welded with new corner pieces fabricated. The floor was only modified slightly along its front edge to allow it to fit. The front of the floor was also modified to incorporate the two bung holes from the original which meant shrinking some of the swage lines in that area.

Fitted the rear exhaust hanger bracket whilst I was welding in that area.

Also tidied up the C-posts by seam welding the area around the sills and fitting the top-hats near the bottom for the rear wing fixing bolts. drilled and fitted the top-two wing mounting holes/clips also.

Stripped the nearside rear wing using a chemical stripper and sanded way all of the rust pits. The wing will need some splits welded up but is in far better shape than I thought. It's amazing what a coat of primer will do.

October 2010
1st October 2010
fitted the remaining seat-belt mount on the offside wing (new inner wing) and tidied up welding in that area (where I first started off).
12th October 2010
Fitted SPOG replacement outer toeboard after pulling remains of bodged floor out (pop-rivetted and filled).

I cut the old one about 10mm below the 'fold' and splug welded the old bulkhead to the new SPOG part. From there, I could run a bead between each of the swages until the majority of the seam was welded. I then shrunk the swages flat and selded these up forming a continuous seam weld from one side of the car to the other. Either my welding is getting better, or the bulkhead metal was more forgiving, and I only had a single blow-through in the hole process.

13th October 2010
Made a new inner toe-board from 1mm steel sheet. Hammered and shaped this using the remains of the old one as a template.

Discovered that the inner toe-board will not fit into place without bending it in the middle to squeeze it in!

14th October 2010
Seam welded inner toe-board into place.

Whilst the SPOG toe-board fitted without any adjustment, it doesn't cover the front of the sills to my satisfaction. I'll need to weld on a small section which can be folded round and seam welded into the front edge of the sills to create a completely sealed environment. I'll drill this and fit a sill plug later for waxoiling.

November 2010
2nd November 2010
fitted floors and chassis top-plate to ensure that everything was square and all of the fixing holes lined up.
3rd November 2010
Pickled and primed the Zintec floors. Seam sealed the rear end of the car both inside and out using a polyurethane sealant.
7th November 2010
Removed all of the underseal from the back of the car, de-rusted and primed metalwork
10th November 2010
Made a panel slapper from an old file and started to remove all of the dents and creases in the rear wings using 'on dolly' technique. Using Poundland primer as a guide coat then rubbing back every so often to reveal the high and low spots. Both rear wings now looking a lot better.
14th November 2010
Cleaned the bulkhead and assessed rust damage. Most damage is under scuttle seam.

Removed scuttle to reveal holes under both drainage pipes and centrally over heater ducting.

15th November 2010

Removed windscreen inner and outer and seperated from the top of the bulkhead.

21st November 2010
Having removed the lower windscreen surround, I found the inner section to be beyond repair. Easier to make a new one from scratch!

New windscreen inner section folded out of 1mm sheet. dashboard fixing clips and wiper captive nuts also fabricated like the original. Primed and painted inside in readiness for welding to windscreen outer (SPOG part) before bing trial fitted to car.

The top of the bulkhead needs some metal replacing especially above the vent apertures.

December 2010
15th December 2010
Fitted the replacement windscreen surround (inner and outer). It was not without its problems. The SPOG part is well built and fits perfectly, but I had to do some adjusting on the top of the bulkhead to get it to sit low enough to preserve the 395mm window aperture.

Having cut the aperture sides, I inserted a 'sleeve' at the top cut and puddle welded it to the sides of the surround. This allowed the replacement side section to fit more simply and made subsequent welding easier as it's almost impossible to get to the back side of the weld.

This is the one area of the car where I will use body filler to skim these welds to smooth the lines of the windscreen surround.

I need to weld the windscreen inner to the A-posts (all prepared) and then use seam sealer down the outside edge of the windscreen surround to blend into the rain gutter. Then I have to re-attach the repaired scuttle, weld in the floors and then the bodyshell welding will be complete.

February 2011
1st February 2011
Fitted floors after trial.

Took the decision to spray underseal the entire bottom of the car. This is a rubber-based overpaintable stuff which screws onto a gun. Adapted a diving regulator tp drive the gun and successfully emptied 1 litre of sealant onto the rear. Painted with a chassis black enamel after 5 hours. Still have the other wheel-arch and the seat box and floors to do. Will use this stuff to coat the inside of alll of the wings also.

5th February 2011

Trial fitted the front wings and adjusted the bulkhead brackets to sit flush. Also trial fitted the bonnet and will need to remove some material from the SPOG hinge to allow this to fit correctly.

Made a start on one of the front wings. Found a surprising amount of filler around the dented area. Must have been resprayed, as I couldn't tell that this area had been worked on previously. Need to weld some metal into the headlamp aperture as it's badly pinholed here. Also need to remove the dents with my newly-gained panel beating rudimentaries!

27th February 2011

refitted the scuttle and tidied up the inside of the bulkhead. Also, rewelded in the handbrake support bracket into the parcel shelf where it was starting to tear out.

March 2011
1st March 2011
Undersealed the rest of the bottom of the car including the remaining inner wing. Overpainted with a chassis black enamel after 6 hours.

Worked on both front wings. Dismantled fully and then split each inner wing into its five constituent pieces. The front wings required metal letting into the headlamp surround as well as metal being let in around the indicator aperture. Both wings had splits to the edges at the front and along the outer edge. Where the wings parts are welded together (at the seam) I had to weld in a new brace to stiffen the wing and keep the sides flat.

The inner wings were completly dismantled, repaired and re-assembled. I had to remake the lower rear part on each wing, as the originals had rusted beyond use. These were made from a single sheet of steel, cut, bent and then hammered to approximate the original shape. Hand-formed swage lines provided the final stiffening function.

The inner wing rear fixing brackets were both showing signs of rot and so were replaced with new items from 1mm steel. All five bits were then primed before puddle welding back together and sealing their seams.

April 2011
1st April 2011
Bonnet. Although a bit chipped, the bonnet appeared to be in reasonable condition. How wrong can you be! Closer inspection revealed that the rear re-enforcing strip at the rear of the bonnet hid hideous rust and rot around the hinge area. The only solution was to cut the back of the bonnet off, remake it from fresh steel and weld in back on invisbly.

This also gave me the opportunity to rethink the bonnet hinges. As they were, they are of poor design, where they trapped through the seam at the top. As I had to replace one of them anyway, I made two new hinges from the old hinge panel that I replaced from below the windscreen. This is of a slightly different shape with the hinge slit on the underside. These were welded into the original positions and the SPOG hinge panel modified slightly to make them fit. It seemed sensible to modify the SPOG panel, so that in future I can replace the bonnet with a standard one and it should fit right in.

The rest of the bonnet had all of its paint chips rubbed down and filled. The rear bonnet braces were remade and welded in with the front of the car re-assembled to ensure that bonnet edges lined up with the fron wings and in-fill panels.

The infill panels were in reasonable shape - I only had to weld a single patch into the front curved edge of one of them. A skim of filler and a bit of primer left it looking reasonably presentable.

May 2011
14th May 2011
Painting. Had a go at finishing one of the rear wings in readiness for paint. This was sprayed with rattle-can filler primer and rubbed down to a smooth finish, allowing any blemished to be stopped and rubbed down again.
Bought some 2k filler primer and resprayed the rear wing. Not enough pressure in the bleeder gun to atomise the paint properly, so ended up with a beautifully textured finish! What's more, it hardened harder than a hard thing and took ages to flatten! Have switched to a 2 bar air supply and will have another go soon.

Started to refurb the mechanical side of the rolling chassis. Both spring cans had crust ends, so they were removed and replaced with better items off rustier cans. Both cans were primed then treated to two coats of chassis black enamel.

Next up were the suspension tubes and donuts. I've got plenty to choose from so chose the best four.

Front hubs next. These were seperated from their uprights before being wire brushed, degreased, primed and painted. When I dismatled this car, I found that the track-rod end swivels were original 'hard' Citroen items and in near perfect condition. These will be brushed and repainted ready to go back on again.

Front arms. These were the original off the car. Covered in flakey green paint and covered in surface rust. These cleaned up surprisingly well in the rotary wire brush and were primed and painted in the same way as the hubs.

23rd May 2011
Dis-assembled the front axle and stripped the steering rack. This axle is very rusty, but the rack is in good condition, so I'll use this rack in a different less rusty axle. Got the axle clean ready for primer.

Rear swinging arms. These originally came off the car without undoing the rear hub nuts - Doh!, so had to go back onto a chassis in order to loosen them off. a 12 foot length of scaffold pole is kept for this singluar purpose, and undid the nuts with minimal effort. With both nuts off, the drums were pulled and read brakes dis-assembled. Both sets of snail adjusters were in good conditon and turned freely. However, the shoes were seized in their eccentric adjusters and needed considerable wiggling to free them off.

The rear brake cylinders show signs of having DOT brake fluid in them - it's not green! When pickup up this car, I found a partly-used tub of DOT 4 brake fluid in the boot, and the top of the master cylinder reservoir contained a clear liquid. I was hoping that the last owner had merely topped up the brake fluid, and it hadn't mixed. I'm still hoping that this is the case and that the seals in the master cylinder and rear cylinders are all OK. If not, I'll have to cannibalise one set of the three rear axles that I have to find some useable brake cylinders.

The rear axle had to be cut off the old chassis by removing the head of one of the axle bolts. This would not come out of the axle bracket despite heat and penetrating oil etc, so was cut, drilled and tapped out in the end. This, along with the rear arms and drums needs to be stripped and repainted.

October 2011
31st October 2011
Lots done since last update (Where has the summer gone?). All of the suspension has now been painted and ready for assembling onto the rolling chassis. I've got new rear shoes, cylinders and a brake fixing kit, as the originals were a bit ropey. The armacune brake pipe set arrived from France and is ready to fit also. The headlamps shells have been cleaned, repaired (plastic welded) and are ready to go. I've also finished all of the wings (inner and outer) with the exception of painting them and trial fitted them to the new windscreen hinge section. the bonnet has had a couple of coats of filler primer and is nearing completion. The fuel tank and sender have been cleaned and checked and are ready for fitting. I've finally stripped all of the interior bits out of the car in prep for painting.

Bulkhead. This has now been sprayed with the 3M textured coating and the original factory 'finish' restored where I had cleaned it off for welding and painting. Hard to see how this will look until the colour coat goes on, but initial signs are encouraging.

Chassis. I've taken a break from the bodywork to have a good look at the chassis and see what needs doing. As this is a 2CV replacement chassis, of course, the Dyane battery tripod won't fit without some major mods. Welded some brackets and rotated and angled the other two feet to pick up the existing handbrake mounting hole onthe cross-beam. Hope it now clears he inner front wings!

Valance. Time to rescue this out of the greenhouse and see what's what. At first glance, it looks pretty rubbish, but most of this is surface rust and will clean up fine. Had to cut out four main areas of rust in the valance and patch these with new metal. The goal-posts needed the bottom of the feet replaced and stripping back to bare metal.

Panel fit. In an attempt to fit everything back together again, I've re-assembled the car on the chassis to check front-end panel fit and make any adjustments where necessary. So far, everything lines up and the door fit looks fine. I'll dis-assemble everything once more before painting.

Paint. I've been rubbing down the LHS of the bodywork and the interior in prep for etch primer. I've now got almost all of the car in etch primer with the LHS in three coats of filler primer, rubbed down between each coat. I can practise my spraying technique with the primer, as I can always sand out any mistakes at this stage of painting.

I'm at the stage where I'm thinking of taking the body off the chassis again and building up the rolling chassis to completion. I can then re-mount the body and do the final paint with the chassis in place. This will give me the abilty yo make the project more mobile in terms of moving it about etc.

December 2011
31st December 2011
As I was struggling to get access to the offside of the car for spraying, I took the decision to concentrate on building the rolling chassis and mounting the shell to make the car more mobile.

The chassis has been cleaned and drilled for some 'extra' fixing points before being built up with all of the refurbished suspension components. New armacune brake pipes have been fitted with all new rear braking components (except the drums).

The original shock absorber spacers were a bit past it, so turned some new ones from scrap brass bar in the lathe.

Bodyshell mounted on chassis and fixed down in under an hour. All of the fixing set screws fitted in the correct place with just a little persuasion and a lot of patience. Also screwed down the chassis through the boot floor near the rear.

Next job is to prep the RHS for paint and blow an etch primer over it.

February 2012
20th February 2012

Started refurbishing gearbox. Staked selector ring, drained and refilled box, stripped and cleaned calipers and replaced piston seals. Fitted armacune brake pipe kit.

Reworked the bottom of the C-Posts to curve post down to bottom of sill.

Worked on RHS bodyshell, sprayed with etch primer and filler primer. Seen here with guidecoat.

Turned six headlamp adjuster pegs out of stainless hex bar and totally refurbished an early ali grill, taking the steel frame out and repainting it before removing all of the dents from the grill, polishing it and re-rivetting it all back together.

Created Chassis wings out of stainless sheet to hold bottom of inner front wings. Will also use fixing points to secure brake line and fuel line on either side.

Bonnet in filler primer having been flatted countless times. This should be the last coat before final flatting.

Undersealed the inside of all of the bolt-on panels with terotex 2000 shutz. The rear wings have been overpained with chassis black enamel, but the front panels will be speayed with topcoat.

Started wet flatting back the front inner wings with 1000 grade wet&dry. Nice gloss finish - ready for colour

Next job is to finish the filler primer and start wet flatting the entire shell back.

March 2012
16th March 2012

Lots of rubbing down...lots and lots. Lots of scooshy water, lots of wet & dry - Lots and lots (and the occasional dab of etch primer to cover up the inevitable bare patches ;-)

Started playing about with my top-coat - spraying several test panels to check for surface finishes etc.

17th March 2012

Masked up and sprayed the interior of the car.

18th March 2012

Masked the bulkhead and sprayed the ouside of that and the scuttle

Also sprayed the inside of the front inner wing and valance over the terotex underseal.

April 2012
21st April 2012

Exterior painted. followed by days of flatting compounding and polishing.

Made new bulkead interior trim from sound-deadening closed-cell foam faced with vinyl to match original finish. This is mainly glued in place with a high-temp contact adhesive.

Started to re-wire the car. Worked out most of the wiring just need to remember how it is routed.

May 2012
2nd May 2012

Interior bulkhead trim completed and wiring loom being fitted. Tested and fitted wiper motor. Fitted gearstick and handbrake mechanism. Fitted both rear quarterlights.

Gearbox and engine in, bulkhead furniture being fitted. Still too cold to finish painting wings and doors etc.

Fitted and adjusted rear door closer and hinges - using re-cycled front door seal with rusty ends trimmed off. Also fitted front windscreen with new seal.

June 2012
27th June 2012

Busy month. Rebuilt both headlamp adjuster cables using bicycle brake cables from ebay. A bit of solder engenuity and I had two cables good as new.

Also fitted the stainless ball-peg headlamp adjusters. Had to make repairs to most of the plastic sockets in the headlamp bowls. Should have bought new ones, given the work involved.

Fitted rear bumper having turned new fixing bolts from large stainless nuts from car-boot sale.

Fitted exhaust and made new stainless rear hangers.

Fitted rear roof bar with new stainless fixings and washer tab. Fitted (glued and screwed) new roof and fitted to car.

Repaired non-parking wiper motor by making new contacts to switch off current when parked. Seem to be working fine for the time being.

Dismantled, cleaned and re-assembled wiper spindles with tighter washers. Also drilled wiper spindle housings to make it wieser to oil spindle mechanism.

Started engine - it ran!

Trials fitted rear wings

Finished painting front wings, guide coated, flatted and then re-polished.

Tailgate trial fitted

re-assembled front of car

Repaired and rewired front indicators and made new stainless fixing brackets.

July 2012
12th July 2012

Interior trim – cut and fitted. Used a black short-pile tufted gel-backed carpet. Used to trim front parcel shelf also. Rear shelves retrimmed and refitted.

Seats and seatbelts fitted – will recover seats later

Doors – striped, clean, weld, fill, flat, prime, paint, refit. Stripped all four doors of their furniture. Started cutting out rusty areas and welding in new metal. Etch primed and filler primed before being flatted back by hand using 500-grade wet & dry.

Finished flatting bonnet. Fitted replacement Citroen roof and sealed to tailgate panel.

August 2012
2nd August 2012

Bought half of a new car – Louis from Edinburgh. Spent a day stripping it of all useful parts - youtube. Left rolling chassis with fellow builder in Angus for later project. See youtube video

Bought and fitted new front door seals

Refitted Rear wings with new clips and fastthread screws. also fitted fuel filler pipe for the last? time (with new wing gasket)

fitted new Steering arm bolts

fitted replacement Washer pump

September 2012
12th September 2012

Electrics all working now

Radio – fitted a 1970s push-button radio and a mp3/SD FM transmitter in the switch box. Speakers – fitted under front parcel shelf

Mp3 player – new ‘switchbox’ built with with power sockets, 2 USB connectors, switch and lamp and indicator lamp

fitted Carpets

Bought spare engine and box of gumtree that was advertised locally. Lots of spares with it including a purflux filter wrench :-)

Door flatting. More door flatting. Also, flatted bonnet in readiness for final colour coats.

Still to do:
Manufacture front and rear wing stays
Finish doors
start Bootlid
Spray bonnet
Retrim rear parcel shelf

October 2012
21st October 2012

Wheel preparation. Stripped, cleaned and etch primed 5 wheels.

29th October 2012

Started manufacturing replacement steering cups from Delrin Acetal.

November 2012
20th November 2012

Wheel preparation. Managed to get wheels painted in my lunch hours whilst the weather was still warm, before Winter sets in.

January 2013
15th January 2013

Door flatting. More sanding.

21st January 2013

Manufactured new front valance stays from stainless steel.

February 2013
1st February 2013

Engine tuning, tracking and torque-ing. Finished in engine bay area by setting steering alignment and torqueing up all fastenings. Checked dynamic engine timing and connected fuel system permanently. Fitted a points-assisted ignition module from scrap engine.

Blew loom when shorting out rear lights. Had to remove loom from car to find break. Found break at fusebox. Re-installed and created new wiring diagram whilst it was out.

21st February 2013

Make new rear wing stays from Stainless tube.

March 2013
12th march 2013

Repaired (welded and strengthened) rear parcel shelf before recovering with carpet matching interior trim.

25th march 2013

Tailgate renovation. Tailgate needed welding and beating as well as a bit of redesign and filling. Need to etch and filler prime tailgate.

Seat refurbishment. Started to make seat covers. Awaiting arrival of vinyl to progress.

Engine starting problems. Starting problems when cold - swapped carb, but no better, Swapped coil - no better.

April 2013
5th April 2013

Tailgate finally in etch primer during a break in the weather. An hour after this, it was snowing again!

9th April 2013

The seats had seen better days. Once stripped of their covers, it clear what needed to be done.

The solution required 2m of yellow/black striped upholstery fabric, 3m of foam-backed scrim, 3m of heavy-duty vinyl, an old cushion cover and 240m of upholstery thread (I kid you not!).

The old seat cover was unstitched to provide a rough pattern, which was then remade from the black vinyl and yellow/black triped material. Not clear in the photos, but the yellow material has vertical stitching every 6cm.

June 2013
17th June 2013

Painting and sanding and painting and sanding etc etc etc.

Painted the insides and then outsides of all four doors as well as the tailgate. Had a spot of bother with the tailgate involving painting outside and a sudden rain shower. However, it's 'fixed' as much as I'm prepared to do!

Bonnet was last to get painted and got the last of the paint. Just about tgetting the hang of the gun and finish was almost perfect out of the gun. Thinned paint a bit more for the bonnect and left 20 mins between coats.

All panels were then guidecoated and rubbed down with 500, 1000, 2000 and then 4000 grade wet & dry. Followed that by a cutting compund and then a Farecla G10 final polish. It's amazing what paint faults can be rectified by doing this!

Bonnet was last to get painted and got the last of the paint. Just about tgetting the hang of the gun and finish was almost perfect out of the gun. Thinned paint a bit more for the bonnect and left 20 mins between coats.

All panels were then guidecoated and rubbed down with 500, 1000, 2000 and then 4000 grade wet & dry. Followed that by a cutting compund and then a Farecla G10 final polish. It's amazing what paint faults can be rectified by doing this!

20th June 2013

Rebuilt the front of the car with a resprayed front wing. Finally got the bonnect release fitted and all of the rubber bungs in the inner wings. Fitted the drive-shaft gaitors and resprayed front wheels.

Bonnet was fitted and adjusted inner wings to fit.

All fixed glass installed with a bit of silicones pray and a length of strimmer line - easy peasy japanesy!

Engine running nicely now and final ride height set. Modified rear bump stops to prevent rear arms dropping so low that the tie-rod end brackets hit the rear floor. Brakes bled (once again).

front bumper and number plates fitted.

doors waxoiled and fitted followed by locks and refurbished door cards.

New SPOG front window guides fitted and all glass cleaned and refitted.

July 2013
6th July 2013

Dis-assembled the rear sea upholstery and starting making a new set.

finished painting and assembly. Booked MOT and arranged insurance.

Also been very busy doing last minute tasks to get ready for the big day

11th July 2013

Drove it to the MOT station. First time it's turned a wheel in anger in 18 years. Nothing fell off, but the speedo doesn't work and the battery isn't charging.

It passed with flying colours. I was able to use the gas analyser to tune the carb and also set the headlamp aim using the beam boxes. Also fixed the non-charging the remembers to plug the speedo cable into the gearbox (Doh!).

December 2013
1st December 2013

Rear seat dis-assembled and re-upholstered with new foam throughout.

13th December 2013

Entered a couple of events in the late summer.