2cv-Based Kitcar Builders links
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Other Burton builders
Dutch language Burton site - loads of useful pictures
Dutch Burton owners club
Dutch 2CV kitcar forum
English language Burton builders site
Dutch language burton kitcar site
Robins Burton site

Other 2cv-based kitcar builders sites
Bike engined 4-wheeler Brooklands - nice!
3-wheeler Pembleton Super Sports build
Lomax 223 home-build
AK400 restoration site

2cv-based kitcar manufacturers sites
Burton Car Company
Cradley Motor Works - Lomax
Pembleton Motor Company - SuperSports and Brooklands

2cv-based Technical articles
CATS - general hints and techniques - good maintenance site
DIY oilpressure and temperature site
Boras 2cv Garage - some technical help
Clive Morphets DIY Chassis replacement info

2cv-based clubs
Citroen Specials Club
Berkshire Bodgers
Surrey MadHatters
2CVGB Club site

2cv-based discussion forums
Citroen Specials Club forum
2CV Thames Valley discussion forum
Pembleton builders Forum

2cv-related Suppliers
ECAS - 2CV Parts
2cv City - new/used parts and replacement chassis
Bonapart - Armacune Brake and fuel pipes
2CV Tools
2CV Workshop - 2CV Spare Parts
Perfect Product - Belgian company selling new 2cv products - very good site!
Der Franzose - German 2CV spare parts and add-ons
Silly CVs - spares and restoration

2cv-replacement chassis suppliers
2CV City
2CV Chassis Company
SLC Chassis
DuckService German Chassis

Kitcar Suppliers
Stafford Vehicle Components - general kitcar supplier
Car Builder Solutions - Kitcar builder supplies
Europa - Electrical components
Frosts - Restoration supplier - Chassis Black Paint etc
Motolita steering wheels
US Automotive - VHT paint supplier
Complete Automobilist - Vintage Car Supplies - ?
Classic Wheels - classic car supplier
MotorMania - automobile consumables
Bentleys - classic/vintage car supplies
Vintage motor spares
MotorTraders - online source of grease, exhaust putty etc
BGC Motorsports - kitcar supplier

Instrument Suppliers
Instrument Engineers - Speedo recalibration
Speedograph Richfield - speedo repairs etc
Speedy Cables - speedo cables and repairs
Metron transducers - Electronic speedo transducers
LowTesion - oil pressure gauges and sensors
2CV Commercial oil temp and pressure gauge site

Citroen Specials Club Links
CSC Main Website
CSC 'Flat Out' magazine