Photos of Shona and Kelsie

Shona drives taxi at Legoland April 2003

Shona posing in garden April 2003

Kelsie the Biker

Kelsie playing in the sunshine

Shona drives another tractor

Building sandcastles at Lamorna Cove - April 2003

Kelsies first steps

Shona and Kelsie at Lamorna Cove - April 2003

Shona at Legoland

Kelsie and Helen

Kelsie - portrait

Kelsie and Shona with Uncle Steve and Aunty Wendy

Kelsies first birthday

Shona at Kelsies first Birthday

Shona again

May and June 2003

Shona and Kelsie on train at Beale Park

kelsie get her jag

Shona sunning herself

Shona and Grandpa sailing

Kelsie and Ryan

Kelsie the teacher

Shona at Driving School - Legoland

Shona in paddling pool

Kelsie at Legoland