Photos of Shona, Kelsie and Tally

Kelsie eating alfresco

Kelsie eating alfresco

Kelsie on the beach

Shona on the beach

Kelsie eating porridge

Kelsie gets her first boat ride

Racing driver

Shona the loony

Ryan looks after Shona

Shona looks after Ryan and Kelsie

Grandpa and Shona

A rare sight. Both asleep together

Shona and her Dad

The Trampolining sisters!

Ryand and Shona out for a spin

What ice-cream?

Shona and Ryan again

OK, perhaps I did have just a little

Photos of Tally Beveridge, April 2004

Tallys first bath

Dad and Tally


Kelsie and Tally

Kelsie and Tally

Shona and Tally

Shona and Tally

Tally at home