Photos of Shona, Kelsie and Tally

Shona, Kelsie, Kirsten, Amy and Rachel

Auntie Fran and Shona

Shona and Kelsie

Tally the tractor girl

Ahoy there Kelsie

Shona the sailor

A Vast Behind

Kelsie on swing

Shona in tunnel

Shonas fourth birthday party

Shona and Kelsie in tunnel


Tally again

Kelsie and fireman

Shona and fireman

Tally and dad at the Gnome Reserve

Shona, Kelsie and Ryan

The three monsters

The three monsters and Keiran

Kelsie in summer dress

Shona and Jason Bear

Three sisters together

A couple of pirates

Aye Aye Captain

Shona and Kelsie at Beale Park

Kelsie the pirate

Tally sitting up

Kelsie takes her first test drive

Tally in Pink

Kelsie friving a train at Marlow

Tally at Marlow

Shona at Marlow...or is it?

Christmas girls in their matching tops

Shona on Christmas walk

Kelsie on Christmas walk

What did Santa bring?

Christmas Party

Rick Wakeman watch out!

Kelsie and her 'new' bike

Ryan, Shona and Kelsie at Marlow

Shona being brave

Kelsie not quite sure...

Red nose day coming up

Tally and Auntie Wendy

Tally and Shona