Photos of Tallys first birthday party April 2005

A little cake on her birthday...

...Doesn't last long

Being serious in the back garden

Wow - socks for my Birthday present...

Party at home

Doing a spot of bouncing

All three monsters gurning

Party cake

Shona and Kelsie dressed for a 'Knights and Princesses' party.

Of course, Kelsie wanted to be a princess

Kelsie Looking regal

Shona wanted to be Eminem - sorry, a knight

Shona doing a spot of bouncing at Detling

Photos of Kelsies third birthday party April 2005

OK, I've finished so I can smile now

Anna and the Party monsters

Kelsie - the Birthday girl

Three candles....

Photos of the girls summer 2005

Kelsie posing on Orkney holiday

Kelsie at Marwick Head

Tally in Inverness

Shona and Kelsie on the beach at the Broch of Gurness

Girls making holes in stones at Crannog site

Shona enjoying rare sunshine

Train ride with Hamish and Colm

Swinging at Loch Tay with Adam and Amy

Shonas first day at school - Aug 2005

Shona in uniform

Solomn moody shot

Kelsie gets in on the act

What about me?

Shona best Wallace impersonation

All the girls - later half of 2005

Shona crushing stones in Orkney

Bridge over steaming river

Girls relaxing on sofa

Kelsie with monster

Cold day on river

Kelsie with large hairy caterpiller

Woodland walk

Black family all asleep!

Posing outside Dumfries museum

Shonas fifth birthday

Birthday feast

Walk with the Scotts

Shona and caterpiller

Kelsie and Ryan

Kelsie, Fraser and Calum

Sidecar racing in park with Hamish

Beachcoming in Orkney